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Table 1 Characteristics of Osedax OTUs.

From: A remarkable diversity of bone-eating worms (Osedax; Siboglinidae; Annelida)

Taxa Authority1 Depth (m) Approx. Size2 Palp color Pinnules3 Oviduct4 Roots Museum Voucher5
O. rubiplumus Rouse et al. 2004 1820--2893 59 brilliant red out long long, branched CASIZ 170238
O. frankpressi Rouse et al. 2004 1820--2893 23 red with white lateral stripe in long robust, lobate CASIZ 170235
O. mucofloris Glover et al. 2005 30--125 14 white to pink in long robust, lobate  
O. japonicus Fujikura et al. 2006 224--250 16 pink out short robust, lobate  
O. roseus Rouse et al. 2008 633--1820 24 bright red out long long, branched SIO-BIC A979-981
O. spiral Braby et al. 2007 2893 25 no palps none absent long thin filaments SIO-BIC A1639
O. yellow-collar Braby et al. 2007 383 18 red both long robust, lobate SIO-BIC A1640
O. orange-collar Braby et al. 2007 383--1018 18 red both long robust, lobate SIO-BIC A1641
O. nude-palp-A Jones et al. 2008 1820 25 red none ? ? SIO-BIC A1642
O. nude-palp-B Jones et al. 2008 2893 25 red none ? ? SIO-BIC A1643
O. nude-palp-C Rouse et al. 2009 1018 12 red none ? ? SIO-BIC A1644
O. nude-palp-D this report 1018-1820 12 red none ? ? SIO-BIC A1645
O. nude-palp-E this report 1018 12 red none ? robust, lobate SIO-BIC A1646
O. nude-palp-F this report 2892 18 red none ? robust, lobate SIO-BIC A1647
O. white-collar this report 1018 6 red with white stripe both long robust, lobate SIO-BIC A1648
O. yellow-patch this report 633--1018 5 pale both long robust, lobate SIO-BIC A1649
O. green-palp this report 1820 3 red/green ? long robust, lobate SIO-BIC A1650
S. brattstromi Webb 1964 600 40 red none absent none  
  1. 1Authority and date of species description, or reference to first report in literature if species is undescribed.
  2. 2Maximum length of truck and crown (mm) when preserved.
  3. 3Orientation of pinnules if present: in = inward; out = outward; both = inward & outward; none = no pinnules.
  4. 4Extension of oviduct beyond trunk.
  5. 5Abbreviations: CASIZ, California Academy of Sciences Invertebrate Zoology collection; SIO-BIC, The Scripps Institutionof Oceanography Benthic Invertebrates Collection.