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Figure 1

From: The evolution of novel fungal genes from non-retroviral RNA viruses

Figure 1

A comparison of the simple genome of Totivirus , a dsRNA virus, with the fungal genome maps containing proposed endogenous Totivirus -like genes and open reading frames. Red arrows indicate capsid polypeptide-like genes and the blue arrows represent RNA-dependent RNA polymerase-like genes. These coloured arrows represent open reading frames). Gray lines represent an RNA based genome and black lines represent fungal chromosomal DNA. Gene copies that retain an exogenous viral genomic architecture are shown as solid coloured arrows with the coding strand indicated by the direction of the arrow. Sequences from the present study that reveal fungal-Totivirus-like genes boundaries are shown above the maps. Asterisks represent further gene boundary regions amplified successfully by polymerase chain reaction (PCR; see Figure 6A). Numbers below the gene annotations indicate the chromosomal positions of gene boundaries. Full sequences of the PCR products from these regions have the Genbank Accession numbers: GQ291318-GQ291321.

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