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Figure 1

From: Single locus affects embryonic segment polarity and multiple aspects of an adult evolutionary novelty

Figure 1

Mutants with altered eyespots and disturbed embryogenesis. (a) Representative images of the ventral surface of wings of WT and mutant B. anynana females. (b) Representative scanning electron microscopy images of WT and mutant embryos at ~60% DT (lateral view, anterior is up and dorsal is to the left; scale bar, 100 μm). At this developmental stage, all embryos are still alive (Spr embryos die at 70% DT, while BE and Fr die at about 90% DT) and do not differ consistently in morphology, although Spr embryos seem more compacted (multiple individuals were observed for each mutant). Arrows point to thoracic legs, and arrowheads indicate mouthparts.

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