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Table 2 Zebrafish mutants used for the analysis of visuomotor function

From: Focusing on optic tectum circuitry through the lens of genetics

Mutant Alleles Phenotype Gene Gene product References
lakritz lak th241c Absence of RGCs and complete blindness; no known developmental defect outside the retina atoh7 (ath5) Atonal homolog 7 [66]
blumenkohl blutc257z , blus391 Synaptic transmission defect in retinotectal axons; enlarged tectal receptive fields; reduced visual acuity slc17a6b (vglut2a) Vesicular glutamate transporter 2a [16]
belladonna beltv42, bels385 , belb700 Incomplete crossing of retinal axons, reversed eye movements, 'looping' swim behavior lhx2b LIM-domain homeobox factor 2b [67, 93, 94]
double indemnity didys390 , didys552 Reversible depletion of saccadic eye movements scn1lab Voltage-gated sodium channel NaV1.6 [60]