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Table 3 Top 20 biological processes associated with 2ROsa

From: 2R and remodeling of vertebrate signal transduction engine

ID Pvalue Description
GO:0007165 2.12e-33 Signal transduction
GO:0007275 3.64e-26 Multicellular organismal development
GO:0007186 3.19e-19 G protein-coupled receptor protein signalling pathway
GO:0006468 1.13e-15 Protein amino acid phosphorylation
GO:0007154 1.10e-13 Cell communication
GO:0007268 7.50e-13 Synaptic transmission
GO:0022008 2.34e-12 Neurogenesis
GO:0030036 1.64e-11 Actin cytoskeleton organization and biogenesis
GO:0050877 2.07e-11 Neurological system process
GO:0006811 3.47e-11 Ion transport
GO:0051056 8.93e-11 Regulation of small GTPase-mediated signal transduction
GO:0006928 1.52e-10 Cell motility
GO:0009605 1.95e-10 Response to external stimulus
GO:0006796 2.60e-10 Phosphate metabolic process
GO:0050794 4.15e-10 Regulation of cellular process
GO:0007265 7.20e-10 Ras protein signal transduction
GO:0000904 8.59e-10 Cellular morphogenesis during differentiation
GO:0006813 1.04e-09 Potassium ion transport
GO:0051179 1.63e-09 Localization
GO:0048812 1.77e-09 Neurite morphogenesis
  1. aSignal transduction is the top overrepresented term: Almost three quarters of human genes associated with this term are marked as 2R-ohnologs (2ROs). Pvalues derive from the hypergeometric test with conditional correction taking into account the hierarchical structure of ontologies.