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Table 5 Vertebrate-specific cyclin isoformsa

From: 2R and remodeling of vertebrate signal transduction engine

Ancestral bilaterian gene TreeFam ID Vertebrate paralogs
Cyclin A TF101002 Cyclin A1, Cyclin A2
Cyclin B TF101001 Cyclin B1, Cyclin B2
Cyclin D TF101004 Cyclin D1, Cyclin D2, Cyclin D3
Cyclin E TF101005 Cyclin E1, Cyclin E2
Cyclin G TF101007 Cyclin G1, Cyclin G2
Cyclin I TF101007 Cyclin I, Cyclin I2
Cyclin J TF101009 Cyclin J, Cyclin J-like protein
Cyclin L TF101011 Cyclin L1, Cyclin L2
Cyclin M TF101012 Cyclin M1, Cyclin M2, Cyclin M3, Cyclin M4
Cyclin T TF101014 Cyclin T2, Cyclin T2
  1. aAll cyclin subfamilies are represented by two to four vertebrate-specific paralogs. Cyclins A, B and D are key cell cycle regulators. Cyclin D provides the link between the cell cycle and the signal transduction machinery.