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Figure 3

From: The lethal giant larvaetumour suppressor mutation requires dMyc oncoprotein to promote clonal malignancy

Figure 3

dMyc expression in lgl-/- clones induced in an lgl+/- background promotes overgrowth and invasive behaviour. A-E: lgl-/-; UAS-dmyc clones (GFP+) in a yw, hs-Flp, tub>Gal4, UAS-GFP/+; l(2)gl4, FRT40A/tub>Gal80, FRT40A; UAS-dmyc/+ background (GFP-). A: clone morphology. B: active-Caspase 3 and dIAP1 staining; the arrows indicate groups of mutant cells undergoing autonomous apoptosis and the arrowheads indicate lgl+/- cells dying outside a mutant clone. C: distribution of the ratios 'clone area/active Caspase 3 fluorescence intensity' (red squares) and 'clone area/GFP fluorescence intensity' (green circles) as a control (n = 40); D: dMyc and aPKC staining; the projection along the Z axis shows the multilayered nature of the epithelium inside the mutant clone. The apical-basal axis of the disc proper is also indicated. The arrows indicate clones in the wing pouch that show low levels of dMyc protein. E: Laminin A staining; the arrows indicate regions of discontinuity. Wing disc is outlined in D. Scale bars are 35 μm. Mutant clone genotypes are indicated.

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