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Figure 3

From: Localized direction selective responses in the dendrites of visual interneurons of the fly

Figure 3

Influences of ipsi- and contralateral inputs on ventral centrifugal horizontal (vCH) calcium signals. (a and b) Image pairs showing local differences in fluorescence intensity in a single vCH cell each during pattern motion in eight directions (white numbers), with only the contralateral (left panels) or ipsilateral (right panels) half of the stimulus pattern visible. Signals were averaged over the last 500 ms of stimulus motion. Images represent single recording traces and were taken at 10 Hz and 512 × 512 pixel resolution. (c) Wiring diagram of connections between contralateral lobula plate tangential cells and vCH. Black arrows next to the cells indicate the PD of visual motion in the contralateral receptive field of the cells. +: Excitatory input, -: inhibitory input. Wiring of H1, H2 and V1 after [23].

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