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Figure 3

From: Phylostratigraphic tracking of cancer genes suggests a link to the emergence of multicellularity in metazoa

Figure 3

Statistical analysis of caretakers and gatekeepers on the phylostratigraphic map. Phylostratigraphic representation of log-odds statistics of human caretaker and gatekeeper cancer genes following the annotations in Entrez are shown. Arrows designate the strongest significant over-representation. Squares denote the caretaker dataset (green line, N = 224) and circles denote the gatekeeper dataset (red line, N = 900). The gatekeeper dataset is further subdivided into tumour suppressor genes (solid black line, N = 601) and oncogenes (dashed line, N = 380). Statistical significances of the deviations were tested as described in the legend of Figure 2.

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