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Table 2 A summary of the antibodies selected in this study.

From: A rapid and scalable method for selecting recombinant mouse monoclonal antibodies

  Target Antigen Antibody name Clone VL VH Formalin sensitive?
Fusion 1 1.1 Jamc.1   1.1.1 V14-111+J2 ND ND
  1.2 Unc5b SI1-Unc5b 1.2.1 V17-127+J4 V2-2+D1+J4 Y
    SI2-Unc5b 1.2.2 V5-48+J5 V1-14+D1+J4 N
     1.2.3 Cloning halted
  1.3 Lrrc4a   1.3.1 Clone lost
  1.4 Flrt3 SI3-Flrt3 1.4.1 V3-7+J1 V1-66+D2+J3 N
     1.4.2 Cloning halted
  1.5 Appa   No positive clone
Fusion 2 2.1 Jamb.1   No positive clone
  2.2 Jamc.1   No positive clone
  2.3 Jamc.2 SI4-Jamc.2 2.3.1 V10-96+J1 V3-2+D2+J1 N
  2.4 Vasn   2.4.1 N.D. V5-6+D2+J2 ND
  2.5 Lrrn1 SI5-Lrrn1 2.5.1 V4-57+J5 V1-77+D3+J2 N
  1. The pooled antigens used in the immunizations are numbered, and details of the V, D and J segments identified are listed for each antibody. Antibodies were numerically named with the SI prefix for Sanger Institute.
  2. ND = not determined