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Figure 6

From: Characterization of a heat resistant ß-glucosidase as a new reporter in cells and mice

Figure 6

Co-localization of βgal and SYNβglu in cryostat sections of intestine from Ahcre/R26R/R26( SYNbglA )R mice. Colonic epithelium showing (a) transverse and (b-d) longitudinally cross cut crypts. (a) Shows a mixture of staining patterns with some crypts unstained (white), some being stained only with BCI-gal (blue, cytoplasmic) or Mag-glu (magenta, nuclear) and others staining for both. (b-d) Shows selected crypts staining for both BCI-gal and Mag-glu (b), Mag-glu only (c), BCI-gal only (d). (e) Showing cross cut small intestinal villus with several migration streams (originating from multiple crypts) present. Blue arrows, BCI-gal staining only; magenta arrows, Mag-glu staining only; asterices, combined BCI-gal and Mag-glu staining). Bars are 50 μm.

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