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Table 2 Published studies analyzing parental strains using the QTL/Microarray approach in mouse

From: Serious limitations of the QTL/Microarray approach for QTL gene discovery

  Phenotype QTL Mapping Microarray Experiment References
   Design Strains Design Tissues Platform  
  Targeted custom arrays
  Arthritis Congenic RIIIS/J, B10.RIII Congenic Lymph nodes, spleen, paws Custom [100]
  Obesity Congenic SPRET/Ei, C57BL/6J Parental Brain, EWAT, GSM, liver Nimblgen [101]
  Whole-Genome arrays
Alcohol addiction RIL HAFT, LAFT Parental Brain MGU74A [39, 102]
Alcohol addiction RIL C57BL/6J, DBA/2J Parental NAC, PFC, VTA U74Av2 [103]
  Alcohol addiction Congenic ISS.ILS.Lore, ISS Parental CR MO430A, MOE430B [38, 104]
Anxiety Knockout/congenic B6.129-Il10-/-, C57BL/6J Congenic ABR MOE430 [105]
  Anxiety Database - Parental PFC, VS, TL, PG, CR Spotted [106]
Arthritis AIL DNA/1J, FVB/N Parental Lynph nodes MOE430A [107]
  Arthritis AIL DNA/1J, FVB/N Parental Lynph nodes U430A [36]
EIAD F2/RIL DBA/1, C57BL/6J Extremes Lung NIA15k [52]
Gallstones BC C57L/J, AKR/J Parental Liver Spotted [108, 109]
HSCP RIL, BC, Congenic C57BL/6J, DBA/2J Parental HSC Filter [49]
IBD BC B6-Il10-/-, C3H-Il10-/- Congenic Colon U74Av2 [35, 110]
  Lung injury response BC A/J, C57BL/6J Parental Lung Spotted [29]
Macronutrient intake Congenic C57BL/6J, CAST/EiJ Congenic Liver, hypothalamus ABI [103]
Obesity Congenic F-line, L-line Congenic Liver, BAT Spotted [111]
Obesity BC C57BL/6J, SPRET/Pt, SPRET/Ei Extremes EWAT Spotted [112]
Obesity F2 DU6i, DBA/2 Parental EWAT Mu11k [47]
Osteoporosis Congenic C57BL/6J, CAST/Ei Congenic Femur Spotted [28, 113]
  Osteoporosis RI C57BL/6J, CAST/Ei Parental Kidney Spotted [26, 45]
  Platelet count F2 CBA/CaH, QSi5 Parental Liver, kidney, spleen Spotted/Compugen Mouse 22K [25]
Pulmonary capacity F2/BC C3H/HeJ, JF1/Msf Parental Lung Spotted/Operon [114]
  TR BC/Introgression A/J, C57BL/6J Parental Liver, kidney, spleen MG-430v2 [96, 115]
Type I diabetes Congenic NOD, Idd3, Idd5, Idd3+5, Idd9, B10, B10.H2g7, B10.H2g7Idd3 Congenic Thymus, Spleen Affy.Eos.Custom [116]
  1. Phenotype abbreviations:EIAD: Endotoxin-induced airway disease, HSCP: Hematopoietic stem cells proliferation, IBD: Inflammatory bowel disease, TR: Trypanosomiasis resistance. Tissue abbreviations:ABR: amigdala brain region, BAT: Brown adipose tissue, CR: cerebellum, GSM: gastrocnemius skeletal muscle, HSC: Hematopoietic stem cells, NAC: nucleus accumbens, PFC: Prefrontal cortex, PG: periaqueductal gray, TL: temporal lobe, VS: ventral striatum, VTA: ventral tegmental area. Strain abbreviations:HAFT: High Acute Functional Tolerance, ILS: Inbred Long Sleep, ISL: Inbred Short Sleep, LAFT: Low Acute Functional Tolerance. • Articles included in Table 3.