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Table 3 Relationship between one Daphnia magna-derived clone of Pasteuria ramosa (clone C19) and several Daphnia species belonging to three different subgenera (D. magna belongs to the subgenus Ctenodaphnia).

From: Resolving the infection process reveals striking differences in the contribution of environment, genetics and phylogeny to host-parasite interactions

Clones of Daphnia species Sub-genus Origin Infection trial Spore activation Attachment-test (attached out of 5)
D. arenata Daphnia USA R Yes 0
D. galeata Hyalodaphnia Germany R Yes 0
D. barbata Ctenodaphnia Zimbabwe R Yes 0
D. similis Ctenodaphnia Israel R Yes 0
D. lumholtzi Ctenodaphnia Zimbabwe R Yes 0
D. dolichocephala Ctenodaphnia South Africa S Yes 4
  1. Legend as in Table 1