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Table 3 Kluyveromyces lactis and Saccharomyces kluyveri mating-type chromosome genes for which heterozygous deletion mutants were constructed, along with the measured relative maximum exponential growth rate

From: Haploinsufficiency and the sex chromosomes from yeasts to humans

Species Gene for which the strain is heterozygous Saccharomyces cerevisiae orthologue (ORF name/gene name) Relative maximum exponential growth rate (± 9%)
Kluyveromyces lactis CK11 -   1
Kluyveromyces lactis KLLAC08910 YCR060W/TAH1 0.88
  KLLAC08778 YCR065W/HCM1 0.81
  KLLAC08723 YCR067C/SED4 0.87
  KLLAC02101 YCR044C/PER1 0.92
  KLLAC03520 YCR035C/RRP43 0.90
  KLLAC08569 YCR071C/IMG2 0.91
  KLLAC02145 YCR043C/uncharacterised 0.93
  KLLAC03454 YCR037C/PHO87 0.97
  KLLAC03498 YCR036W/RBK1 1.05
  KLLAC03569 YCR033W/SNT1 0.83
Saccharomyces kluyveri WT (CBS 3802) -   1
Saccharomyces kluyveri SAKL0C04466 YCR031C/RPS14A 0.90
  SAKL0C04334 YCR033W/SNT1 0.91
  SAKL0C04290 YCR035C/RRP43 0.93
  SAKL0C02354 YCR044C/COS16 1.02
  SAKL0C01276 YCL036W/GFD2 0.97
  1. ORF = open reading frame; WT = wild type.