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Table 2 Site pairs with the highest covariation scores.

From: Identification of specificity determining residues in peptide recognition domains using an information theoretic approach applied to large-scale binding maps

Domain family Ref. PDB Structure rank Natural 2H2C Synthetic
  PRD Peptide PRD Peptide PRD Peptide PRD Peptide
1 Leu60 Trp119 His88 Thr118 Asn71 Leu7 Tyr229 Ile22
2 Val55 Thr117 Ala37 Thr117 Leu34 Leu7 Leu205 Ile22
3 Ala76 Thr117 Ser39 Thr117 Ile73 Leu7 Leu198 Ile22
4 Pro30 Trp119 Leu60 Thr117 Tyr72 Leu7 Lys189 Ile22
5 Ser98 Trp119 Val92 Thr118 Lys35 Leu7 Phe129 Ile22
6 Ala89 Thr117 Ser57 Thr117 Ser44 Leu7 Glu230 Ile22
7 Gln93 Trp119 Asp58 Thr117 Lys61 Leu7 Glu203 Ile22
8 Asp58 Thr117 Phe34 Thr118 Ile68 Leu7 Ile180 Ile22
9 Ala37 Thr117    Leu20 Leu7 Phe187 Arg19
10 Lys103 Trp119    Ala17 Leu7 Cys199 Ile22
  1. For each site on the PRD, only the site on the peptide with the highest score is shown. For synthetic PDZ domains, only ten sites have variations and among them two were filtered, leaving only eight valid sites. All sites are indexed according to their residue numbers in the reference PDB structures.