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Figure 2

From: A comprehensive evaluation of rodent malaria parasite genomes and gene expression

Figure 2

Gene expression (RNAseq) in multiple RMP life cycle stages. A) Spearman correlation of FPKM values of orthologous genes between life cycle stages of PbA, PcAS and PyYM. PbA: ring (RI), trophozoite (Tr), schizont (Sch), gametocyte (Gct) and 16 and 24 hour ookinetes (Ook). PcAS: trophozoites (trophozoites of blood (Pc-bl)-and vector-transmitted (Pc-vec) PcAS; PyYM; blood stages (2 lines PyYM_WT and PyYM_MUT). B) Heat maps of expression (FPKM normalized by gene) of PbA genes in different life cycle stages. Left panel, all PbA genes ordered based on P. berghei expression pattern (FPKM values >21; in total 4,733 genes). Right panel, 2,236 PbA genes with orthologs in P. falciparum and FPKM values >63, ordered according to the temporal expression levels (in asexual blood stages) of their P. falciparum orthologs as shown in [34]. FPKM, fragments per kilo base of exon per million fragments mapped; RMP, rodent malaria parasites.

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