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Table 1 List of contaminant genera detected in sequenced negative `blank' controls

From: Reagent and laboratory contamination can critically impact sequence-based microbiome analyses

Phylum List of constituent contaminant genera
Proteobacteria Alpha-proteobacteria:
Afipia, Aquabacteriume, Asticcacaulis, Aurantimonas, Beijerinckia, Bosea, Bradyrhizobiumd, Brevundimonasc, Caulobacter, Craurococcus, Devosia, Hoefleae, Mesorhizobium, Methylobacteriumc, Novosphingobium, Ochrobactrum, Paracoccus, Pedomicrobium, Phyllobacteriume, Rhizobiumc,d, Roseomonas, Sphingobium, Sphingomonasc,d,e, Sphingopyxis
Acidovoraxc,e, Azoarcuse, Azospira, Burkholderiad, Comamonasc, Cupriavidusc, Curvibacter, Delftiae, Duganellaa, Herbaspirilluma,c, Janthinobacteriume, Kingella, Leptothrixa, Limnobactere, Massiliac, Methylophilus, Methyloversatilise, Oxalobacter, Pelomonas, Polaromonase, Ralstoniab,c,d,e, Schlegelella, Sulfuritalea, Undibacteriume, Variovorax
Acinetobactera,d,c, Enhydrobacter, Enterobacter, Escherichiaa,c,d,e, Nevskiae, Pseudomonasb,d,e, Pseudoxanthomonas, Psychrobacter, Stenotrophomonasa,b,c,d,e, Xanthomonasb
Actinobacteria Aeromicrobium, Arthrobacter, Beutenbergia, Brevibacterium, Corynebacterium, Curtobacterium, Dietzia, Geodermatophilus, Janibacter, Kocuria, Microbacterium, Micrococcus, Microlunatus, Patulibacter, Propionibacteriume, Rhodococcus, Tsukamurella
Firmicutes Abiotrophia, Bacillusb, Brevibacillus, Brochothrix, Facklamia, Paenibacillus, Streptococcus
Bacteroidetes Chryseobacterium, Dyadobacter, Flavobacteriumd, Hydrotalea, Niastella, Olivibacter, Pedobacter, Wautersiella
Deinococcus-Thermus Deinococcus
Acidobacteria Predominantly unclassified Acidobacteria Gp2 organisms
  1. The listed genera were all detected in sequenced negative controls that were processed alongside human-derived samples in our laboratories (WTSI, ICL and UB) over a period of four years. A variety of DNA extraction and PCR kits were used over this period, although DNA was primarily extracted using the FastDNA SPIN Kit for Soil. Genus names followed by a superscript letter indicate those that have also been independently reported as contaminants previously. aalso reported by Tanner et al. [12]; balso reported by Grahn et al. [14]; calso reported by Barton et al. [17]; dalso reported by Laurence et al. [18]; ealso detected as contaminants of multiple displacement amplification kits (information provided by Paul Scott, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute). ICL, Imperial College London; UB, University of Birmingham; WTSI, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.