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Figure 3

From: Reproductive assurance drives transitions to self-fertilization in experimental Caenorhabditis elegans

Figure 3

Reproductive assurance in a dioecious population. (A) In high salt, the fertility of females from the genetically-transformed dioecious population was higher than the fertility of hermaphrodites from the lab-adapted population (GLM: |z| =5, P-value <0.001, residual d.f. =55). (B) In high salt and at the time of population passage, the fertility rate of the genetically transformed dioecious population was lower than that of the lab-adapted androdioecious population (GLM: |z| =4.25, P-value <0.001, residual d.f. =3). For all panels, bars and errors show ordinary least-square estimates; *** indicates P-values <0.001. d.f., degrees of freedom; GLM, generalized linear model.

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