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Table 4 The association between G4 motifs, replication fork pausing and DNA damage is Pfh1 dependent

From: The essential Schizosaccharomyces pombe Pfh1 DNA helicase promotes fork movement past G-quadruplex motifs to prevent DNA damage

G4 Status Pfh1 Status Number of motifs Number with high γH2A % with high γH2A P -value
G4 motifs with high Cdc20 Expressed 50 11 22% 0.23
G4 motifs w/o high Cdc20 Expressed 396 66 17%  
G4 motifs with high Cdc20 Depleted 77 48 62% 8.7E-6
G4 motifs w/o high Cdc20 Depleted 369 129 35%  
  1. In Pfh1-depleted cells (Pfh1 status depleted), G4 motifs associated with replication fork pausing (high Cdc20) were much more likely to result in DNA damage (high γH2A occupancy) than G4 motifs that were not associated with fork pausing. Fisher’s exact test was used to calculate P-values. G4, G-quadruplex.