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Figure 5

From: Dawn- and dusk-phased circadian transcription rhythms coordinate anabolic and catabolic functions in Neurospora

Figure 5

Phase analysis of wt rhythmic genes in csp1. (A) Bar-plots showing the phase distribution of genes that are rhythmic in wt and have a similar phase in ∆csp1. Phase distribution of (B) wt dawn-phased genes that have a different phase in ∆csp1 and (C) wt dusk-phased genes that have a different phase in ∆csp1. Dotted lines represent the phase distribution of rhythmic genes in wt. Blue and grey colors correspond to the fraction of genes that have significant (blue) (P <0.05) and non-significant (grey) (P ≥0.05) RNA rhythms in ∆csp1 as identified by ARSER.

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