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Figure 6

From: Dawn- and dusk-phased circadian transcription rhythms coordinate anabolic and catabolic functions in Neurospora

Figure 6

Distinct functional bias of dawn- and dusk-phased genes. (A) The enrichment of the functional categories of dawn- and dusk-phased genes is shown. In total, 1,407 genes with in-phase RNA and RNAPII-S2P profiles together with 170 genes with rhythmic RNA levels but not rhythmic RNAPII-S2P occupancy were analyzed with MIPS FunCat [44] using ‘Neurospora crassa’ database. The dotted red line shows the border for significance P <0.01. RNA expression profiles of selected genes involved in (B) metabolism, (C) cell rescue and defense, (D) transcription, and (E) cell cycle are shown. RNA-seq reads were double plotted. Light- and dark-shaded areas correspond to subjective day (CT 0 to 12) and night (CT 12 to 0), respectively. The expression levels (Y-axis) are shown as mapped normalized reads. FunCat, Functional Catalogue; MIPS, Munich Information Center for Protein Sequences. RNAPII, RNA polymerase II.

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