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Table 1 Categories of directly Myc-activated genes

From: snoRNAs are a novel class of biologically relevant Myc targets

Function Genes
RNA Pol I activity 7
snoRNP function 15
40S subunit assembly, processing, maturation 18
60S subunit assembly, processing, maturation 17
processing of both subunits 3
40S ribosomal subunit 19
60S ribosomal subunit 21
Mitochondrial ribosome 2
Translation factors 6
tRNA processing, maturation 6
Total RiBi and translation 114
Metabolism 5
Transcription, RNA processing 5
Mitochondrial function 4
Other, unknown 11
  1. RiBi, ribosome biogenesis; snoRNP, small nucleolar ribonucleoproteins.