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Table 1 Model terms

From: Sexual conflict maintains variation at an insecticide resistance locus

Term and default Canton-S parameter values Definition
x R DDT-R (i.e. Accord LTR-inserted) allele frequency
m = 0.28 Relative competitive mating success of DDT-R males compared to susceptible males
f = 2.13 Relative fecundity of DDT-R females compared to susceptible females
e = 1.57 Viability advantage of eggs laid by DDT-R females (RR and RS) compared to susceptible (SS) females
l = 1.13 Viability advantage of larvae of DDT-R females (RR and RS) compared to susceptible (SS) females
F = f × e × l = 3.79 Combined fitness advantage conferred to resistant females
P = 1.12 Pupal viability advantage of DDT-R flies (RR and RS) compared to susceptible (SS) flies
y RR , y RS , y SS Probability that a mating male has a particular DDT-R genotype: see equations (3)
x RR , x RS , x SS DDT-R genotype frequencies: see equations (6)
D = 5 DDT Resistance ratio of DDT-R (RR and RS) to susceptible (SS) flies (mortality of susceptible flies/mortality of DDT-R allele carrying flies).
  1. Parameter estimates for f, e, l and P from McCart [24] and m from Smith et al. [23]