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Fig. 1

From: Q&A: How do plants sense and respond to UV-B radiation?

Fig. 1

The UVR8 photocycle. UV-B photon absorption by the UVR8 homodimer via a tryptophan-based mechanism results in UVR8 monomerization. The UVR8 monomer interacts directly with COP1 to initiate UV-B signaling, which results in changes in gene expression (including the induction of RUP1 and RUP2 expression) and ultimately regulates UV-B-induced photomorphogenesis and stress acclimation. Re-dimerization of UVR8 through the action of RUP1 and RUP2 disrupts the UVR8-COP1 interaction and regenerates the UVR8 homodimer again ready for UV-B perception. Image reprinted from [46]: Copyright American Society of Plant Biologists

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