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Fig. 2

From: Q&A: How do plants sense and respond to UV-B radiation?

Fig. 2

UVR8 structure and arrangement of its 14 tryptophans. a,b All UVR8 tryptophans in the monomer viewed from the side (except W400, which is in the carboxy-terminal domain that was not included in the solved structures, here shown for amino acids 14 to 380) (a) and from the dimeric interaction surface (b). Tryptophans in the protein core (blue) and at the interaction surface (red) are distinguished. Images modified from [8]. c Pyramidal arrangement of tryptophans across the UVR8 dimer interface. The triad tryptophans W233, W285 and W337 on one monomer of UVR8 are closely associated with W94 on the opposing monomer. Image modified from [7]

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