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Fig. 1

From: Diversification of non-visual photopigment parapinopsin in spectral sensitivity for diverse pineal functions

Fig. 1

Phylogenetic positions of the two teleost parapinopsins. The molecular phylogenetic tree based on the Bayesian framework contains vertebrate visual and non-visual pigments. Two hundred and fifty six aligned sites were used for the tree inference. Posterior probabilities of more than 0.95 are indicated at branch nodes. The black circle indicates the gene duplication that gave rise to two kinds of parapinopsins. LWS long wavelength-sensitive opsin, MWS middle wavelength-sensitive opsin, P pinopsin, PP parapinopsin, PP1 teleost PP1, PP2 teleost PP2, PT parietopsin, RH rhodopsin, SWS1 short wavelength-sensitive type1 opsin, SWS2 short wavelength-sensitive type2 opsin, VA vertebrate ancient opsin. Scale bar = 0.2 substitutions per site

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