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Fig. 2

From: Diversification of non-visual photopigment parapinopsin in spectral sensitivity for diverse pineal functions

Fig. 2

Syntenic regions conserved near to parapinopsin paralogs during teleost evolution. Paralogous genomic regions split by teleost-specific genome duplication are located across the orthologous regions of spotted gar, which split from the teleost lineage prior to the whole genome duplication. Color boxes represent the synteny blocks conserved between the paralogous genomic regions or between the teleosts and spotted gar genomes. The genes in red indicate the teleost-specific paralogs conserved in the syntenic regions. The detailed synteny map and molecular phylogenetic trees of CACNA2D3/cacna2d3, TKT/tkta, and ERC2/erc2 genes are shown in Additional file 2: Figure S2

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