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Fig. 2

From: Progenitor potential of nkx6.1-expressing cells throughout zebrafish life and during beta cell regeneration

Fig. 2

nkx6.1-expressing cells give rise to all pancreatic cell types. ad" Immunodetection in 30-hpf Tg(nkx6.1:eGFP) embryos of GFP with Isl1 (aa"), Ins (bb"), Sst (cc"), or Gcg (dd"). Yellow arrows point to cells co-expressing GFP and the respective hormones. ee" Fluorescent whole-mount in situ hybridization (WISH) of 55-hpf Tg(nkx6.1:eGFP) embryos using a try probe followed by GFP immunodetection. f, f' Immunodetection in 5-dpf Tg(nkx6.1:eGFP) embryos of GFP and of the hepato-pancreatic duct marker 2F11. gh' Immunodetection of GFP and of Ins, Gcg, and Sst hormones in 5-dpf Tg(nkx6.1:eGFP) embryos treated from 3 to 5 dpf with dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) (g) or with the Notch signaling inhibitor, LY411575 (h). Yellow arrows point to secondary endocrine GFP+/hormones+ cells found in IPDs. All views are ventral with the anterior part to the left and represent either z-plane confocal images (a-e) or confocal projection images (f-h). Scale bars = 20 μm (a-e) or 40 μm (f-h)

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