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Fig. 5

From: Progenitor potential of nkx6.1-expressing cells throughout zebrafish life and during beta cell regeneration

Fig. 5

ascl1b and nkx6.1 are regulated in an opposite way by the Notch signaling pathway. af WISH on wild-type (WT) embryos (a, c, e) or mind bomb (mib -/-) mutants (b, d, f) with ascl1b (a, b) or nkx6.1 (c–f) probes. Brackets delimit the pancreatic domain. g, h Immunodetection of GFP and endogenous Nkx6.1 in 5-dpf Tg(ascl1b:eGFP-creER T2 ) embryos treated from 3 to 5 dpf with DMSO (g) or with the Notch signaling inhibitor, LY411575 (h). in WISH with ascl1b (i, j) or nkx6.1 (k, l) probes or immunodetection of endogenous Nkx6.1 (m, n) of double-transgenic Tg(hsp70:Gal4) x Tg(UAS:NICD) embryos (j, l, n) or of control simple-transgenic embryos (i, k, m), both heat-shocked at 11 hpf for 20 min. Lateral views (af, k, l) or ventral views (gj, m, n) of embryos of the indicated stages with the anterior to the left. Scale bars = 40 μm

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