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Fig. 1

From: GDF-5 can act as a context-dependent BMP-2 antagonist

Fig. 1

Architecture of the binary GDF-5 R57A:BMPR-IAEC complex. Ribbon plot of the binary complex of GDF-5 R57A (monomer subunits colored in blue and cyan) bound to the extracellular domain of BMPR-IA (green). a View from the side, the side facing the putative cell surface is indicated. b As in (a) but viewed from the top showing the two-fold symmetry of the homodimeric GDF-5 as well as of the ligand-receptor complex. Disulfide bonds forming the two cystin-knot motifs in the GDF-5 monomer subunits and the intermolecular disulfide bond are shown as yellow sticks. The location of the knuckle epitope important for BMP type II receptor binding is indicated

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