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Fig. 4

From: Using mathematical models to understand metabolism, genes, and disease

Fig. 4

Robustness of phenotypes against genetic variation. These figures are phenotypic landscapes that illustrate the effects of pairwise combinations of ‘genetic’ variables (x and y axes) on selected phenotypes (z axis). The genetic variables are enzyme activities shown as percentage of wild type. The large white circles indicate the position of the wild type. The small white circles are the values for various mutations in the underlying genes (taken from Table 1). a, c Stability of the AICART reaction against genetic variation. The wild type and most mutations lie on a relatively flat horizontal portion of the phenotypic landscape. Thus, even mutations with large effect at the molecular level can have only a minor effect at the phenotypic level. b, d The effect of removing the inhibition of GNMT by 5mTHF on the shape of the phenotypic landscape. The grey landscapes are from the left panels and the colored landscapes show the effect of removing the feedback regulation. After [35]

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