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Fig. 2

From: Archaeal ancestors of eukaryotes: not so elusive any more

Fig. 2

A schematic evolutionary tree of the archaea: Proteoarchaeota, Lokiarchaeota and the likely origin of eukaryotes. DPANN is the proposed archaeal superphylum that comprises Nanoarchaeota and other archaea with small genomes [33]. The tree topology is from [34] except that the DPANN branch was tentatively (as indicated by the dotted line) moved from a basal position to the stem of the Euryarchaeota on the basis of other phylogenetic analyses suggesting this [41, 42, 74]. The position of the Lokiarchaeota is from [1]. In addition to the eukaryotes, the Lokiarchaeota branch includes three distinct lineages one of which is the sister group to the eukaryotes. The size of the triangles roughly reflects the diversity of the respective groups

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