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Fig. 3

From: Emergent material properties of developing epithelial tissues

Fig. 3

Time evolution of strain and myosin oscillations. Spectrograms of a strain amplitude and b rescaled myosin amplitude averaged over our dataset. The time evolution of individual frequency contributions were computed via a sliding time window with frequency-dependent length followed by a Fourier transform. The dominant amplitude contributions for strain and myosin correspond to oscillation periods ranging from ca. 3.8 mHz (285 s) in early dorsal closure to 6.5 mHz (153 s) in late dorsal closure. c Average cross spectral coherence of area strain and myosin signals. The whitened region corresponds to values below the 90 % confidence interval, calculated via a hierarchical bootstrap algorithm. d Phase difference between the strain and myosin signals at each frequency component across time, representing the lag of the strain signal with respect to the myosin signal relative to the oscillation period

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