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Fig. 4

From: Molecular insights into the surface-specific arrangement of complement C5 convertase enzymes

Fig. 4

High surface density of C3b is critical for C5 convertase activity. a Preparation of beads with different densities of C3b. b Mixing a fixed amount of C3b molecules with increasing numbers of streptavidin beads results in lower C3b densities per bead (top, flow cytometry) while total levels of C3b per sample are equal (below, immunoblot). c C5 convertase activity on streptavidin beads with different C3b densities. d C5 convertase activity plotted against the absolute number of C3b molecules per μm2 (calculated from the results in c). bd Data of three independent experiments, presented as means ± standard deviation (SD). Immunoblot graphs are representative of three independent experiments. Measures of statistical significance were determined by one-way ANOVA for the different amounts of beads versus 4 × 106 beads and displayed as: ns; *P <0.05; **P <0.01; ***P <0.005; and ****P <0.001

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