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Fig. 1

From: Control of vein network topology by auxin transport

Fig. 1

Expression of PIN1, PIN5, PIN6, and PIN8 of Arabidopsis during first leaf development. a-r. Top right: leaf age in days after germination (DAG) and expression-reported gene (d-r). d-r. Bottom left: reproducibility index. a-c. Midvein, loops and minor veins form sequentially during leaf development [4, 5, 12, 13]; increasingly darker gray depicts progression through successive stages of vein development. Boxes in (c) illustrate positions of close-ups in (q) (cyan) and (r) (orange). d-r. Confocal laser scanning microscopy with (j,m,n) or without (d-i,k,l,o-r) transmitted light; first leaves. Yellow: expression of PIN1::PIN1:GFP (d-f), PIN6::YFPnuc (g-i), PIN8::YFPnuc (j-l), PIN5::YFPnuc (m-q), PIN5::PIN5:GFPMGS (r, left) or PIN5::PIN5:GFPAG (r, right). Blue: autofluorescence (r). Dashed magenta line delineates leaf primordium outline. hv, minor veins; l1, first loop; l2, second loop; mv, midvein. Bars: (d,g,j,m,r) 10 μm; (e,h,k,n) 25 μm; (f,i,l,o-q) 50 μm

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