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Fig. 2

From: Control of vein network topology by auxin transport

Fig. 2

Expression of PIN1, PIN5, PIN6, and PIN8 in leaf vascular cells. a-r. Top right: expression-reported gene. Confocal laser scanning microscopy; first leaves. a-r. Expression of PIN5::YFPnuc (a,g,j), PIN6::CFPnuc (b,e), PIN8::YFPnuc (d,m), PIN8::PIN8:GFPMGS (h), PIN1::PIN1:GFP (k,n,q), PIN6::YFPnuc (p), and respective overlays (c,f,i,l,o,r). s. Proportional Venn diagrams of percentage of cells expressing fluorescent reporters in 25-μm by 25-μm midvein regions of 4-day-old first leaves (one region per midvein) in different pairwise combinations of reporters. Sample population sizes: PIN5::YFPnuc;PIN8::PIN8:GFPMGS, 40 leaves (41 PIN5::YFPnuc-expressing cells; 39 PIN8::PIN8:GFPMGS-expressing cells); PIN5::YFPnuc;PIN1::PIN1:GFP, 26 leaves (30 PIN5::YFPnuc-expressing cells; 119 PIN1::PIN1:GFP-expressing cells); PIN8::YFPnuc;PIN1::PIN1:GFP, 25 leaves (34 PIN8::YFPnuc-expressing cells; 122 PIN1::PIN1:GFP-expressing cells); PIN6::YFPnuc;PIN1::PIN1:GFP, 31 leaves (127 PIN6::YFPnuc-expressing cells; 174 PIN1::PIN1:GFP-expressing cells). d, dorsal focal plane; v, ventral focal plane. Bars: (a-r) 5 μm

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