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Fig. 3

From: Control of vein network topology by auxin transport

Fig. 3

Functions of PIN1, PIN5, PIN6, and PIN8 in control of vein network topology. a. Schematics of vein networks with low or high cardinality index (top row), minimum—i.e. 0—or maximum—i.e. 1—continuity index (middle row), or minimum—i.e. 0—or maximum—i.e. 1—connectivity index (bottom row). b. First leaves. Indices are expressed as mean ± SE. Difference between pin6;8 and WT cardinality indices, between pin1 and WT cardinality indices, between pin1;6 and pin1 cardinality indices, between pin1 and WT connectivity indices, and between pin1;6 and pin1 connectivity indices was significant at P < 0.05 (*), P < 0.01 (**), or P < 0.001 (***) by F-test and t-test with Bonferroni correction. Sample population sizes: WT, 30; pin5, 30; pin6, 30; pin8, 27; pin6;8, 28; pin5;6;8, 28; pin1, 45; pin1;5, 57; pin1;6, 47; pin1;8, 37

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