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Fig. 5

From: Control of vein network topology by auxin transport

Fig. 5

Expression of DR5rev::YFPnuc in pin developing leaves. a-d. Confocal laser scanning microscopy; first leaves 4 days after germination. Look-up table (ramp in c) visualizes expression levels. Top right: genotype. Bottom left: reproducibility index. Dashed white line delineates leaf primordium outline. Images in a, b, c and e were taken at identical settings and show increasingly weaker DR5rev::YFPnuc expression in pin6;8, pin1, and pin1;6. Images in a, d and f were taken by matching signal intensity to detector’s input range (~4 % saturated pixels), and show increasingly broader DR5rev::YFPnuc expression domains in pin1 and pin1;6. Bars: (a-f) 50 μm

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