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Fig. 1

From: Generation and filtering of gene expression noise by the bacterial cell cycle

Fig. 1

Dependence of protein production rate (a, b), protein concentration (c, d) and cell length (e, f) on cell cycle phase. Observables are normalized by the respective population average and therefore unitless. (a, c, e) Data for 393 cells (gray) with three example traces and the binned colony average (thick black line). Histograms display the total frequency of production rate or concentration values summed over all phases. To convey the differences in noise intensity, a bar of size 0.2 times the population mean is displayed. (b, d, f) Phase-dependence of the binned data. In (f) an exponential function (black dashed line) is fitted to the averaged cell length. Error bars are obtained by bootstrapping. For cell length, error bars are plotted but are smaller than the line thickness. Growth was on minimal medium supporting a growth rate of 0.6 dbl/h

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