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Fig. 4

From: Generation and filtering of gene expression noise by the bacterial cell cycle

Fig. 4

Influence of chromosomal position. Production rate (a) and concentration (b) for genes at equidistant and symmetric positions with respect to the origin of replication. Observables were normalized by the population mean. (Inset) Locations of fluorescent genes and origin of replication oriC on the DNA. Different replication times (c, light to dark gray) and their predicted influence on the concentration (d). Production rates are slightly vertically shifted for clarity. (Normalized) production rate (e) and concentration (f) of GFP (strain ASC636, green line) compared to YFP (strain MG22, gray line). GFP data is from 296 cells with complete cell cycle that have on average seven data points/cell cycle. (Inset) Location of gfp compared to other fluorescent genes. Error bars are obtained by bootstrapping

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