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Fig. 2

From: The relative importance of kinetic mechanisms and variable enzyme abundances for the regulation of hepatic glucose metabolism – insights from mathematical modeling

Fig. 2

Glucose-hormone-transfer (GHT) functions. The GHT functions describe the dependence of plasma insulin (a) and plasma glucagon (b) on plasma glucose levels. Experimentally determined plasma concentrations of glucose and hormone (grey dots) from various sources (insulin: [5961], glucagon: [42, 6265]) were pooled (black lines – mean values, light grey boxes – standard deviations). The additional Tables S3 and S4 summarize the used values (Additional file 1). A Hill-type function was used to fit the data by least-square minimization yielding the normal GHT function (blue line). The red line depicts diabetic GHT function. For details of the used fit functions see Additional file 1

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