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Table 1 Mass spectrometry screen identified Syt1 as a novel synaptic PS1-binding protein that shows calcium-dependent profile of the interaction

From: Identification of the novel activity-driven interaction between synaptotagmin 1 and presenilin 1 links calcium, synapse, and amyloid beta

PS1 bait Binding protein Accession number Gene symbol Unique/total peptides Sequence coverage Protein function
     Ca2+(+) Ca2+(-) Ca2+(+) Ca2+(-) Ca2+(+)
NT Synaptotagmin 1 NP033332 SYT1 4/4 None 11.6 % None Calcium sensor for synaptic vesicle fusion and neurotransmitter release
L6-7 Synaptotagmin 1 NP033332 SYT1 16/26 2/2 32.1 % 5.0 %  
L6-7 Catenin delta 1 NP031641 CTNND1 17/20 25/35 20.9 % 30.8 % Known presenilin 1 interactor in the brain
  1. The number of peptides identified and the sequence coverage for Syt1 in Ca2+ (-) and Ca2+ (+) conditions is shown. A known PS1 interacting protein, Catenin1 delta, is shown as Ca2+-independent control