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Fig. 1

From: Evolutionary origin and functional divergence of totipotent cell homeobox genes in eutherian mammals

Fig. 1

Presence, absence and duplication of Crx and Crx-derived homeobox genes in placental mammals. The order of relevant genes on human chromosomes 19 and 3 is compared to orthologues in eight other mammals; grey boxes with dashed outline indicate probable pseudogenes, X indicates gene deletion, question marks indicate missing data, dotted lines show unconnected scaffolds. The asterisk in mouse indicates that, in this species, Tprx1 and Tprx2 orthologues are especially divergent and named Crxos and Obox genes, respectively. Many intervening non-homeobox genes are not shown. Human, mouse and guinea pig belong to Euarchontoglires, cow, bat, horse and dog to Laurasiatheria; together, these clades form Boreoeutheria. Elephant and tenrec are Afrotheria within the Atlantogenata

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