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Fig. 3

From: Evolutionary origin and functional divergence of totipotent cell homeobox genes in eutherian mammals

Fig. 3

Evidence for origin of Argfx, Pargfx, Leutx and Tprx genes from Crx. a Maximum likelihood phylogenetic tree using homeodomains plus C-terminal Otx-specific domain. b Position of conserved non-coding elements (CNEs) depicted as red arrowheads, located 3’ to human CRX, TPRX1 and TPRX2, plus two ghost loci (duplicates C and D) inferred to have lost coding sequences. Sequence identity between the CNEs (boxed) is shown by the VISTA plot, which also reveals a single location of the same ancient CNE next to Crx in turtle and coelacanth. VISTA peaks: blue, coding; turquoise, untranslated region; pink, noncoding. Masked repetitive sequences are indicated by khaki segments above the VISTA plot

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