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Fig. 6

From: Evolutionary origin and functional divergence of totipotent cell homeobox genes in eutherian mammals

Fig. 6

Association with human embryo gene expression and antagonism between genes. a Profile 27, out of 106 temporal profiles of human embryonic gene expression, is shown; grey lines are expression plots of 313 individual genes in the profile, red marks the median. Oo, oocyte; Zy, zygote; 2C, 2-cell; 4C, 4-cell; 8C, 8-cell; Mo, morula; Bl, blastocyst. b Genes up-regulated by ectopic ARGFX, or down-regulated by LEUTX or TPRX1, are enriched in profile 27. c Venn diagram showing strong overlap between LEUTX and TPRX1-down regulated genes and ARGFX up-regulated genes, demonstrating the antagonistic effect extends to the full transcriptional response induced by ectopic expression not just the subset in profile 27

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