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Table 2 SAXS parameters for wild-type N-Cbl and pTyr371-N-Cbl

From: Casitas B-lineage lymphoma linker helix mutations found in myeloproliferative neoplasms affect conformation

Parameter Wild-type pTyr371
R g [P(r)] 2.4 nm 2.8 nm
R g [Guinier] 2.4 nm 2.8 nm
D max 7.0 nm 9.2 nm
V Porod 66.5 nm3 71.5 nm3
V Dammif 86.5 nm3 95.5 nm3
MMPorod 43 kDa 46 kDa
MMDammif 44 kDa 47 kDa
  1. Rg radius of gyration, D max maximum particle distances, V volume, MM molecular mass