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Fig. 7

From: Sudden death due to paralysis and synaptic and behavioral deficits when Hip14/Zdhhc17 is deleted in adult mice

Fig. 7

Reduced survival in iHip14 Δ/Δ mice and HIP14 protein expression in the brain of a 43-week-old iHip14 Δ/Δ mouse. A dramatic reduction in survival was observed in the iHip14 Δ/Δ mice compared to controls (a; log-rank test: X 2(4) = 93.76; N = 11–24). b Whole cell lysate was run on western blot and probed with anti-HIP14 and anti-β-tubulin antibodies. The HIP14 immunoblot is the top panel and that of the β-tubulin is in the bottom panel. The amount of HIP14 protein expressed is quantified in the graph relative to β-tubulin expression (N = 3 WT VEH, 2 iHip14 F/F, and 1 iHip14 Δ/Δ). A 97% decrease in HIP14 was observed in the iHip14 Δ/Δ mouse. The representative images are composites from the same western blot image

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