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Table 1 Genes that are highly differentiated in the Senegal Urban population relative to Uganda and Senegal Forest

From: Population genomics reveals that an anthropophilic population of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in West Africa recently gave rise to American and Asian populations of this major disease vector

Gene PBSn1 a Location Description
AAEL013219 0.713 Near_exon Pickpocket sodium channelb,c
AAEL012960 0.685 Exon Importin alphab
AAEL010533 0.683 Intergenic DNA bindingb
AAEL014795 0.667 Intergenic  
AAEL001878 0.657 Exon Lipaseb
AAEL013222 0.652 Intergenic Chitin bindingb
CYP12F7 0.651 Intergenic Cytochrome P450b
AAEL013025 0.649 Intergenic  
AAEL004516 0.648 Exon Odorant binding protein [68]
Gr19 0.648 Exon Gustatory receptorb
AAEL013637 0.640 Exon Tyrosine catabolismb
AAEL008598 0.632 Intergenic Lipid transportb
AAEL002764 0.632 Intergenic Krebs cycleb,c
AAEL007277 0.628 Exon tRNA editingb,c
AAEL007138 0.626 Near_exon Sugar transporterb
SCRBQ2 0.624 Intergenic Class B Scavenger Receptorb
AAEL001859 0.617 Exon Vesicle transportb
AAEL004205 0.616 Intergenic  
AAEL000576 0.609 Exon Lachesinb
AAEL010410 0.608 Intergenic Odorant receptorb
AAEL001960 0.606 Intergenic Cytochrome P450b
AAEL009058 0.605 Intergenic  
AAEL013215 0.605 Exon Sulfonylurea receptorb
AAEL007345 0.605 Exon Ion channelb
Or50 0.603 Exon Odorant receptorb
  1. aNormalised population branch statistic
  2. bVectorBase gene description or Gene Ontology (GO) term
  3. cFlyBase Drosophila ortholog