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Fig. 5

From: Time-resolved dual transcriptomics reveal early induced Nicotiana benthamiana root genes and conserved infection-promoting Phytophthora palmivora effectors

Fig. 5

Spatial distribution of REX effectors in N. benthamiana roots. ad Transgenic N. benthamiana plants expressing GFP:FLAG-REX fusion proteins were regenerated from leaf explants and grown to seeds. Subcellular localisation of GFP:FLAG-REX1–4 was assessed on seedling roots stained with propidium iodide (PI). GFP:FLAG-REX1 (a), GFP:FLAG-REX2 (b) and GFP:FLAG-REX4 (d) accumulated in the cytoplasm and in the nucleus. GFP:FLAG-REX3 (c) was detected in the cytoplasm but was excluded from the nucleus. Scale bar is 10 μm

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