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Fig. 5.

From: Blob-ology and biology of cryo-EM: an interview with Helen Saibil

Fig. 5.

Structure of the immature HIV-1 capsid. a Computational slice through a Gaussian-filtered tomogram containing immature HIV-1 particles. White arrowheads indicate the immature capsid layer; black arrowheads indicate the membrane; white arrow marks a grazing slice through the capsid layer illustrating the hexagonal lattice. Scale bar, 50 nm. b Isosurface representation of the final structure showing the immature lattice in an orthogonal view. Isosurface threshold value is 2σ away from the mean. High-resolution structures for capsid N- (cyan) and C-termini (orange) have been fitted into the density. An individual capsid monomer is coloured blue/red. Unfilled densities marked with asterisks correspond to spacer peptides. Scale bar, 25 Å. Adapted by permission from Macmillan Publishers Ltd: Nature [8], copyright 2014

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